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Utah is the Future of Filmmaking

With tax incentives of 20-25%, worldly locations and experienced crews, Utah makes each filming experience one worth repeating. From independent features, large studio productions, TV series and made for TV movies, Utah has been a sought after filming destination since the 1920’s. With over 900 films and TV movies filmed in Utah including 127 Hours, John Carter, High School Musical, Everwood, and Touched by an Angel, both independent and studio producers film in Utah for the same reasons.

Location, Crew, Equipment

Are you looking for the perfect setting for your next film? One that offers ideal locations, experienced crew and reliable equipment? If so, visit the Utah Film Commission Resource Directory or contact the Utah Film Commission for more information.

Money Back Incentives

Interested in a tax incentive? Utah’s Motion Picture Incentive Program (MPIP) is a post-performance, fully refundable tax credit of production dollars spent in the state of Utah. It is one of the most competitive incentives in the industry. Even for smaller productions with a minimum of $200,000 spent in Utah, a 20% tax credit is available. For those productions with over $1,000,000 in Utah production expenses, a 25% tax credit is available. If you want to learn more and get started on the application, we’ve provided it here: Utah’s Motion Picture Incentive Fund Application.

A United Film Community

The MPAU represents the Utah Film Community. Our members represent all aspects of filmmaking from the first time filmmaker to the seasoned veteran from writers to electricians. Members who know how to make your project a success from pre-production to production to post. Equipment providers who will take your call 24/7 and caterers who will special order chocolate covered ants for your lead actor.

We know the business, we know filmmaking and we want to work with you. Be part of the future and film in Utah.

We would be glad to help you get started. Please contact us at